Maddy H

Apprenticeships and college confusion

Posted: 22/09/15 by Maddy H

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I have just finished my GCSE which I didn't do very well in, and I am now in my first month of college and I am doing health and social care level 2, which I'm enjoying. But if I am able to I want to achieve my level 2, and then move on into a apprenticeship within health care as I would like to work in something around mental health. I'm confused on this whole ordeal, and I'm not really sure how everything works. Can I do an apprenticeship, after completing a level 2 health and social care course? Do I have to complete the following year to gain a level 3 course? It's a BTEC subject. Thanks in advance.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Maddy

    Yes you can definitely apply

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  • Maddy H

    after my level 2 has been achieved?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Yes, the general idea is that you can apply for an apprenticeship that is the next level up. So once you have a level 2 diploma you can apply for a level 3 apprenticeship. In theory college courses and apprenticeships run in parallel with each other so that you can switch back and forth between them. So someone who has completed a level 2 apprenticeship can apply to do a level 3 college course. However there are other things to be aware of. For example, once you reach the age of 19 you might have to pay course fees for college and would only be eligible for 50% of the government grant towards the cost of an apprenticeship.

    This would not be a problem in your case as you will be under 19 next year!



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