Saffron Velada-Billson

Are there any apprenticeships that allow me to go to university the year after?

Posted: 01/12/14 by Saffron Velada-Billson

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I want to study Law at University but not next year (when I finish year 13). I would like to take a year off, to earn some money to support myself while I'm at university, but I would also like to gain some experience at the same time? Is there anything you can recommend?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Saffron

    Yes, it is possible to apply for legal apprenticeships after completing A levels.

    In the first instance, check out our Law and Legal Apprenticeships section.

    Then you could also have a look at the Skills Funding Agency website, in the Business, Administration and Law" section.

    In many cases it would be too early to apply now, but our site has live opportunities and the other site will enable you to see other kinds of opportunities that are out there.


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