Joel Ezekiel

Are there apprenticeships for people completed BTech3 in Music Technology?

Posted: 21/02/15 by Joel Ezekiel

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I would like to get work experience in music technology which I have been studying for 2 years and will have my Btech 3 in this. How do I find out if I can apply for an apprenticeship? I am thinking of doing my degree in music technology although I would like to get some work experience as well or first. Many thanks.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Joel

    There is a category of apprenticeship called "Sound recording, engineering and studio facilities". So if that is the aspect of music technology you're referring to the answer is yes, you can apply for paid apprenticeships.

    There is a bit of background about these apprenticeships at [url-""] James Online

    If it was more the field of musical instrument repair then I think you're out of luck and would be better searching for a volunteering or unpaid work experience placement.

    By the way, there is also an apprenticeship framework for Technical Theatre.

    Sound on Sound is a useful magazine. Their website has a list of course providers .

    You are going to have to be proactive, energetic and resourceful. Have you spoken to your course tutor?!

    More info:


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