Gemma Fosbrook

Are there banking internships that don't involve having a degree?

Posted: 20/01/15 by Gemma Fosbrook

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I am very interested in the banking industry and want to get as much experience as possible in it. Last year I completed my A Levels in Maths, Business & History and now I am studying AAT level 3. I have been looking into banking and the best way to get into the industry. I have looked at various banks but most of their opportunities involve having a degree or studying towards a degree. I am planning on doing Level 4 AAT & going higher but I would love to get an internship in a bank but I can't see to find one which isn't an apprenticeship. My main interest is in International Banking and Private & Commercial Banking. Help?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Gemma

    Many financial firms have insight days and work experience placements for students still in the Sixth Form. I'm not certain about this but the fact that you've completed your A levels and are not planning on going to Uni might rule you out of participating in these.

    You could always make a direct approach to firms within commuting distance explaining your situation and requesting that you do a brief work experience placement with them. You never know – the fact that you have used your initiative might impress and lead to a “Yes”.

    A number of banks run apprenticeships or school leaver schemes and you might have more luck with these. Understand that with such programmes you start in a very junior role! More information:

    You can also just type “apprenticeship in banking” into a search engine.

    Bear in mind that some of these schemes can be very competitive.

    Other sources of information:



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