Daniel Valberg

Best alternatives for Computer Science / IT university program?

Posted: 21/03/16 by Daniel Valberg

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I have completed 8 IGCSEs and 2 AS levels in an International school in Thailand. Left to do university course there as I was able to use my IGCSEs to apply, was not satisfied with the society at all (and most unis there are the same). Now my issue is applying for European universities (I get free education benefits as well), I really want to pursue a career working in the tech industry and CS / IT is what I am after. With these qualifications I have it is really difficult to apply for universities anywhere really. My grades weren't bad nor good (2A, 4B, 2C, pretty average). I know that a foundation year in the UK is an option, but the cost is just... not really worth it. Then I found out about apprenticeship and I think it is my way to get into the industry. It would be really nice to get some advice, should I take this path? are there really any draw backs? I am already 19, almost 20 and I do not want to waste much more time. Thanks for your time!

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  • Daniel Valberg

    Another thing, I am a foreign student, holding Icelandic and Thai passport, is it also applicable for apprenticeship in the UK?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Daniel

    First we'd have to establish your eligibility to apply. What is your nationality and how long have you been resident in the UK/EU?



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