Best Paid Apprenticeships For: Computer Science, Business Studies, Economics A-Levels

Posted: 06/09/17 by C P

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Just started sixth form and took the following A-Levels: - Business Studies - Economics - Computer Science I was interested to know of some well-paid apprenticeships available to me which would suit my A-Levels best. Preferably UK based. Current apprenticeships which I am partially aware of are those with Barclays (Higher), which are available to me based on my A-Levels.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Picking an opportunity based only pay is never a good idea. Earning slightly less at first, but being with a company that offers you the best training and great future opportunities is much more important. Successful apprentices are often given pay rises during their training, so the starting salary is no indication of where you may end up. Good A level grades may open opportunities for higher and degree apprenticeships, which are often better paid than advanced. Employers are looking for work-ready starters, so alongside your studies, build evidence of employability skills through a part-time job and/or work experience.

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