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Can I drop out of sixth form at this time in the year for an apprenticeship?

Posted: 10/01/17 by Asher Newbigging

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I'm currently in year 12 in a sixth form around London. However, recent advice and thinking has lead me to believe that changing to an apprenticeship might be the best option for me. I'm looking to go into computer science, software development in particular, and know that I can gain qualifications just as relevant - if not more so - than A levels through an apprenticeship. Unfortunately, my school has gotten rid of AS levels, so staying on for only year 12 and waiting until September to do an apprenticeship is worth almost nothing. My question is, am I able to drop out now and get a job or self-teach myself until September, or can I get an apprenticeship starting ASAP, or do I have n choice but to stay in school? Thanks!

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    There are apprenticeships advertised to start straight away and at the moment there will be less competition applying for them!

    Software and Computer Science generally attract people who can demonstrate good maths skills, as they rely on logic. You do need to stay in some form of education or training until your 18th Birthday, so don't just leave school - start looking for opportunities now - the interview conversation will be much easier if you are still at school - shows you stick at something and that you just believe the apprenticeship is a better option for you.
    If you haven't already, teach yourself some very basic programming skills -maybe Python, Javascript, Ruby -plenty of websites out there to help. It will show your commitment to the role.

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