Jordan Catlow

Can I drop out of uni and get an apprenticeship?

Posted: 05/01/16 by Jordan Catlow

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Hi, I'm currently half way through my second year at university and I've started to doubt whether this is what I want to do anymore. I'm studying Journalism and I know after my degree it will be hard to find a job. I have been thinking about dropping out of uni for an apprenticeship in some sort of engineering as this seems to interest me now I'm older. However, I feel like if I do I have wasted 4 years of my life after school and I'm unsure whether or not I will even be able to be accepted on to an apprenticeship because of the wasted years and the fact I have been to uni. Just hoping for a bit of advice, thanks

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Jordan

    You are right to be cautious about this but on the face of it there is no reason why you couldn't start on an apprenticeship. The attitude of employers will vary. Some might say "He has made a mistake but he's now trying to put it right and using initiative to get his career back on track!"

    Do bear in mind though that people over 19 are normally only eligible for 50% government subsidy for the course fees and this can put some employers off.



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