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Savannah Sweetnam

Can I leave sixth for while finding an apprenticeship (does my job count)?

Posted: 09/11/17 by Savannah Sweetnam

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Hi, I have been attending a sixth form college, but it has genuinely been the worst experience of my life. It is severely affecting my mental health and well-being and I feel that if I continue my enrolment there, it will be detrimental to my education, rather than beneficial. For these reasons, after a long period of careful deliberation, I have made the decision to leave the sixth form, but there are some things I would like to know. 1) Since deciding to leave, I have been actively searching for apprenticeships and temporary volunteering placements, but I would like to know how long I have to find one before there are repercussions for not being in part-time education as the law states. 2) How do I go about terminating my enrolment with the college/what is the process? (i.e. letting them know) 3) And, with regards to the fact that the law states I must be in full-time education or part-time training/education with 20 hours of employment/voluntary work per week - does 'training' specifically limit me to apprenticeships and traineeships, or does my job qualify because of the continuous on-the-job training? I am seriously at a loss so any help is greatly appreciated~

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