Can i leave sixth form halfway through first year to get an apprenticeship or do i have to wait until first year is over?

Posted: 03/09/17 by Molly

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I'm 16 and i'm starting sixth form on Friday. I'm deeply regretting my choice as i'm already stressing out over the work and the horrible amount of rules that apply for the dress code and i know that if i was working there would not be as many requirements. I just wanted to know whether it was legal for me to drop out of sixth form at the beginning of the year or whether i have to wait until first year is over to get an apprenticeship. Any information would help, Thank you.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    You can start an apprenticeship at any time. You must stay in education or training until your 18th birthday.

    Keep looking for the right one whilst starting 6th form. If you drop out it could be an awkward interview question: ' SO you quit eh?' Better to tell an employer the apprenticeship offers a much better opportunity for you than school - keep your decision positive.

    As regards rules, be prepared to be given an apprentice employee handbook WAY bigger than any school rules. It will cover dress codes, behaviour, time off, smoking, behaviour, disciplinary action and much more.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    The choice is yours. I went to college for 3 months then left as it wasn't the suited environment i wanted to be in. It took me 4 months before i found an apprenticeship but it is very possible and a great opportunity.

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