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Ava-Rose Hart

Can I leave sixth form while looking for a job?

Posted: 07/10/15 by Ava-Rose Hart

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I'm currently in sixth form but I really really don't like it. The school knows I want to leave and am looking for other options but while I'm looking for a job so I can leave, I'm still getting piled up with school work. I just feel like all the work I do at school is pointless because I'm only going to leave soon anyway.. So I was wondering if I can leave now while I'm looking for a job? It'll give me more free time to hand out CVs and won't be distracted by my school work..

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Ava-Rose

    Yes, of course you can. The government passed legislation which says young people should continue in learning to 18. In other words they should be either in a job with training or an apprenticeship or on a course in a FE college or sixth form. In practice though there is no penalty applied for "breaking" this law! So you can feel free to do whatever you think is the right thing for you without fear of persecution by the authorities.

    You may have been given a very different interpretation of the Raising the Participation Age (RPA) legislation by your teachers but then they have a vested interest in giving the impression that everyone must stay on in full time education. Not true!



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