Joe Adams

Can I stay out of college whilst looking for an apprenticeship?

Posted: 19/09/17 by Joe Adams

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I'm currently doing the second year of a level 3 BTEC and already completed a level 2. I second year isn't teaching me anything that fills my interests so I want to drop out and look for an apprenticeship. I want to leave as soon as possible so I don't waste time but I don't want people knocking at my door asking why I'm not in education whilst looking for an apprenticeship.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Up until your 18th birthday there is a requirement that you stay in some form of education or training and continue with Maths and English if a grade C (4)
    Has not been achieved. Your Council will be informed if you are not and offer you support to get back into it.
    More difficult would be the interview question for the apprenticeship – ‘ So you’re a quitter?.....’
    It might be better to hang in there whilst looking for that apprenticeship.

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