Saghaf Molana

Can I still apply for apprenticeships while on a degree?

Posted: 29/04/16 by Saghaf Molana

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Hello there! I was told it may be difficult for a person undertaking a degree to apply for an apprenticeship if they're interested in switching to it, and was wondering if this was true and if there is more i should know? Thank you!

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Saghaf

    This is one of the quite confusing aspects of apprenticeships. The basic rule is that you aren't eligible for funding if you already have a qualification at level 4 or higher.

    I have heard tales of people being told that part completion of a degree counts as this.

    My best advice would be that you contact the training provider for any vacancy that interests you to see what they say.

    Every vacancy listing on the Find an Apprenticeship site gives contact details for the relevant training provider. In some cases large employers act as the training provider as well as employer so in these cases it's OK to contact the employer dorect.



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