Danielle Skutela

Can i transfer university?

Posted: 02/10/17 by Danielle Skutela

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I am currently at university studying Computer Science, i am in the second week of my second year, and so far i am hating it here and feel so alone as i am 3 hours away from home and only have one friend here who i rarely see, which is having a negative impact on my mental health,(I did feel the same in first year but i had a really good friend here that lived close by so was able to get through it but he dropped out of uni) however i do want to continue and finish the degree as i want to then teach Computer Science. i have thought about transferring university's to one closer to home or to transfer to an open university course. but i'm not sure whether its too late to do or how to go about doing it. any advice would be helpful, Thanks

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Danielle,

    Sorry that you're having a bad time at Uni at the moment, but you're not alone, and there is help out there. Why don't you start by going to Student Service and explain your situation and see what advice they can give. Have a look at the clubs and social events and try and get yourself booked on one or two things just to dip your toe in the water. See if there are some whatsapp groups for the clubs, and get chatting and see where this takes you. With it being hard to get home regularly, what about once a month either you go back home or perhaps family or friends from back home could visit so you always have that to look forward to?
    Whilst you could look at transferring to another Uni, it would mean starting again, with a whole new set of people that you don't know, so I would advise to try all of the above first, and use a transfer as a last resort. The big plus is that you know what career you want, and you are well on your way to that, so try to keep your eye on the end goal. Best of luck.

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