Joshua Boulton

Currently studying a degree but looking for a change quick

Posted: 05/02/17 by Joshua Boulton

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I'm currently half way through a masters degree in computer science and Liverpool John Moores University and although i'm loving the content being covered and i have a big passion for software development; i feel as though i would much prefer to being doing the same thing but in the workplace. I was wondering if there were any options for me to get an apprenticeship that is at degree level as i've already completed the Level 3 stage in education.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    If you have achieved any sort of HE qualification already,
    (which after 2 years; you might - HE cert or diploma) then funding might be different for the employer- but as of May 2017 can apply.
    But programming has its own professional qualifications, so it may not be neccessary for it to be in a formal apprenticeship. Search for jobs that offer qualifications to formalise what you are doing. MCAD MCSD etc are all industry standard - you might even be doing them as part of your masters? You can then decide if that route would give you what you need to move on. Search for the kind of job you ultimately want and check out what quals they ask for.

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