alice bastian

Do you need a degree to do marketing/PR/events

Posted: 10/06/15 by alice bastian

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Very Interested in this industry and working with high profiled names, the glam, social media, fashion, music etc. Do you need a degree to work in these three industries? Currently just finished college and have applied for university, however would rather go straight into a job and just gain experience and work my way up as a junior. help!

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Alice

    That's a slightly complicated one. Its probably fair to say that without a certain kind of personality, drive and ambition people are not going to go far no matter what courses they've been on.

    However, doing a degree that is relevant to those industries can confer benefits. You get to learn a lot about them and hopefully get to do some kind of work placement which can be very helpful.

    There certainly are apprenticeships in social media and (to a lesser extent) in music and fashion and there is nothing stopping you from applying for some!



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