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Lucia Soneira Varela

Doubts about traineeship and employment

Posted: 28/02/16 by Lucia Soneira Varela

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Hi, I am a full student of HNC Civil Engineering from Spain.I have been working in Spain as a Construction Project technician for 6 years. My doubt if I will find job after achieving this qualification in England in the industry or I need to look for a traineeship or work placement in order to start working. I am not sure which path I must take because I am over 26 years old and I don't know which one are the age's limit for traineeships, internships and so on.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Lucia

    I hope I've understood you correctly. You are saying that you are currently studying full time on an HNC course in England after having 6 years experience as a technician in Spain.

    I would not think that your age would be a problem in getting an internship. By "traineeships" I assume you mean apprenticeships? Sadly, you would not be eligible for an apprenticeship with the HNC - you would be considered over-qualified.

    Check these useful articles and note the links to other articles at the bottom of each page:




    For some general background to civil engineering in the UK:


    I think it would help you a lot if you made use of the support available from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE):




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