Louise Smith

Eligibility for British Citizen students studying overseas

Posted: 12/12/16 by Louise Smith

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My son is a British citizen studying overseas. Can he apply for apprenticeship schemes if he has not resided in the UK in the past 3 years? He will be living in the UK from July 2017. We have a home in the UK. He was not born there but we returned for 4 years and he received child benefit and has a NI number. Thanks and regards

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    If he has the right to work here and will be living here; then he can apply. If he has qualifications different from UK norm (ie GCSE/A levels/level 3 Btecs etc) make sure the application explains the levels in UK terms.
    Level 1 = GCSE grades D-G
    Level 2 = GCSE Grades A* to C
    Level 3 = A levels or L3 Btecs etc

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