Anna Weglarz

'Equivalent' qualifications

Posted: 13/06/17 by Anna Weglarz

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Hello, I'm looking for an apprenticeship for a while now and the problem I seem to have is with my school certificates. I moved to the UK last September after I've finished high school in Poland. I've passed my Matura Exam and Egzamin gimnazjalny beforr with very good grades although we do have % instead of actual grades. From what I know and what I've found online Egzamin gimnazjalny is equivalent to GCSE and Matura Exam to A-levels as I can apply for universities with it. Some time ago I got a call from an apprenticeship I have applied for and consultant ask me to prove that my exams are equivalent to English ones and I honestly have no idea how to do that. Maybe anyone here has some advice?

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