Failed high school and Sixth form getting UUU

Posted: 30/01/17 by Pete

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I got UUU in my A Levels, now I learn free diploma courses from home, is there a light at the end of my tunnel? I would like to get a job ideally because I like to earn money and have a good routine, I would also like to make some friends as it is apparent that I don't have any.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    You will change a great deal as you get older, and you will meet people who chare your interests and they will become good friends. For now, could you join a club or similar ? - sport/music/games etc - anything where you can meet people who shae your interests.

    It is great you are continuing to learn - perhaps you should look at apprenticeships in your area - that way you get to meet people, earn some money AND get a great qualification. Seach this site and google 'get in go far' for more information. You are not neccessarily setting a career for life - few people do - so look for something that interests you now and will give you the skills you need to move forward. Much of what you will learn and do will be transferable, should you want to make a change in a few years.

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