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Catrin Lewis

Gap Year or Music Production course?

Posted: 01/12/15 by Catrin Lewis

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Hello, I'm in my last year of A-Levels and have been writing my personal statement and going to Uni open days like everyone else, however I'm still undecided as to whether or not it is for me. I have decided to apply anyway, just to be safe, and if I get any offers and by July/August time i'm still unsure I will pull out. I have been looking online and on this website for gap years and other oppurtunites which could be a subsitute to Uni, but still as useful and character building. I'm just not sure whether it is worth it or not. It may also be useful for me to say now that I also take spanish, so I dont know whether to take a spanish or music-themed gap year, or neither and just do a US gap year where I might feel a bit more confident (because of the language). My dream job is in the music industry, as a touring technician/sound engineer doing live sound for concerts and stuff. Will getting a little bit of travelling and world experience be beneficial? Thank you in advance, Cat

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Cat

    If you do go for a gap year your Spanish skills would come in handy in South America as well as Spain. It wouldn't necessarily be a clincher but it wouldn't hurt when applying for jobs or courses later on.

    The more fundamental issue is how you can learn those sound technician skills. I suspect that most people do this via college or university courses but it is also possible to pay for tuition at specialist private training studios and there are some apprenticeships to be had depending on where you live or are able to move to.

    I assume you have mastered searching on the UCAS site. Another useful site is Hot Courses .

    For information about apprenticeships check this out:

    Returning to Gap Years - there is such a huge range of web sites and providers that this can be a real headache! You will find some sound advice here:

    Hope that helps!


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