Brandon Seadon

How can I apply for a Law apprenticeship?

Posted: 03/03/16 by Brandon Seadon

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I know that this has recently become available, but considered that this would be the best place to find what I need. I am aware that it is mainly large firms doing this. I am hoping that in return for my commitment to a specific firm, they will assist me in my goal of qualifying as a legal representative, I am open to any advice or answers on how best to achieve this. Yet I am not finishing my education until next year.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Brandon

    It's very similar to applying for any normal job really. You seek out advertised vacancies and apply for them - this is normally done online. If you make it onto the employer's shortlist they will contact you to arrange the next stage which would normally be an interview, although in some cases there might be other selection methods.

    There are a number of different "channels" for vacancies. The official one run by the government is called Find an Apprenticeship. You can also use other channels such as this site.

    It is all explained here:



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