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Emily Winston

how can i complete my diploma?

Posted: 22/08/14 by Emily Winston

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I have just finished a year at college doing a Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Business and got told mid July that I can't finish my second year of the course due to the college's funding as I am 19 and other reasons.

I have just moved to London and work full time now as I thought I won't be able to return to college but I want to complete my diploma and do the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business but as they told me so last minute I am struggling to find a college in London that will take me on as I have already completed some of the units the college would do in the second year and I would like to either finish the diploma as a distance learner where the college send me the assignments, I complete them by a deadline and email them back to be marked or I do it as an apprentice where I get day release once or twice a week to go into college and do the work and still have the practical work by working the other 3 days.

As I understand you can't complete this diploma as a distance learner because there are certain conditions the assignments have to completed in. I wondered if there was anyone I could contact such as the awarding body who would be happy for me to pay for the course and get the assignments sent to me or complete them at a college once or twice a week

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