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Eve Hesketh

How can I find a list of Sponsored Degrees?

Posted: 18/08/15 by Eve Hesketh

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I'm really interested in supported degrees with higher apprenticeships but I can only find two on the NgtU website and haven't had any luck just doing a google search. Also, is it worth just finding a higher apprenticeship then asking them whether or not they'd fund my degree?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Eve

    I think you mean sponsored degrees. These come in a range of different formats but often will involve a combination of work placement combined with undergraduate study and with the course fees covered for you. Some even treat you as a full employee and pay a salary. Then there are the less formal scholarships where you attend uni full time but get financial support of various kinds. I'm not aware of a reliable online list but these links will help:





    The first site provides lists but doesn't seem to be up to date so treat with a pinch of salt.

    With the higher apprenticeships you would not be able to study towards a degree in the full sense as they have courses leading to qualifications at levels 4 and 5 built in. The new Degree Apprenticeships on the other hand are just what you're interested in. Again, you will have to do lots of online research to track the details of these down.



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