Elease hobson

How do I figure out what I actually want to do?

Posted: 12/07/16 by Elease hobson

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I left college last year with a city and guilds qualification in animal management. Working with animals is something I would love to do but I'm living in the Scottish borders and the job opportunities for that industry are few and far between. I'm also so keen to travel (would love a job to incorporate that aswell) but I'm stuck in dead end retail job that doesn't pay well so I'm struggling to save for it. I feel lost and out of options because getting a job working within the animal/travelling industry is so difficult! Should I go to uni to open my options up again or find another job to save for my travels?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Elease

    Unfortunately, having a college qualification in an occupational area is no guarantee of gaining successful employment. There are so many other factors that affect this. Work with animals has always been very difficult to access as vacancies are limited and often go to people who have some connection with the employer such as volunteering.

    Jobs involving travel - the main area where jobs are reasonably available is in the travel and tourism sector. So if you're a confident, outgoing type of person who likes interacting with people this is something to explore further. Examples are activity coordinator or company rep with holiday firms abroad.



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