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Shane Quadros

how do i get into electric vehicles?

Posted: 27/03/16 by Shane Quadros

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so I have a bachelors degree in electrical engineering with no experience in any things. which doesn't mean im bad with work as if worked on different college projects and home projects over the years. I want to work with vehicles, electric vehicles or even regular internal combustion vehicles.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Shane

    Whether this is a viable ambition to have depends on the standard of your degree. To stand a chance of getting into a job related to car making you would need to have at least a 2.1. The institution you attended will also have a bearing on your chances of getting an interview.

    If you got less than 2.1 my advice would be to have a bit of a rethink about your career aspirations. This is a big topic and it's not really possible to go into all the aspects of it through this kind of online medium. What you really need to do is to talk things over face to face with a trained professional!

    Hope that helps a bit.



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