Curtis Carpenter

How do i know if im overqualified for a certain job?

Posted: 24/01/17 by Curtis Carpenter

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Because I dont know a lot about qualifications.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Being 'over qualified' is a disguise for other aspects in a lack of suitability for a job.
    Being highly qualified in an academic subject may not mean you have the employability and technical skills to succeed in the role - and that is what an employer wants.
    Another aspect is a worry from an employer that applying for a more 'junior' role than your qualification might suggest, is that you will leave quickly when a better job comes along.

    To overcome these issues, any application needs to focus on how YOU can do the job required - not how your qualifications stand as a proxy for the required skills - so read the job description carefully. Hinting at how the company could offer an exciting progression once you have proved yourself, will indicate a desire to be a loyal employee.

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