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Stanley Dadzie

how do you apply for sponsored degrees and is there any eligibilty criteria?

Posted: 07/10/15 by Stanley Dadzie

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Is there any eligibility criteria for sponsored degrees or it is your passion and qualifications that gives you the gateway to study any course under sponsored degrees?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Stanley

    Sponsored degrees are a special kind of School Leaver Programme which includes studying for a degree. They vary enormously and there is no set pattern or approach. You will need to have at least 2 A levels (or equivalent qualification) and you'll find that many will specify particular grades or UCAS points just like a standard university degree.

    There are some examples here:


    You should not overlook higher apprenticeships and the new-fangled Degree Apprenticeships which are just taking off at present.

    In case you're wondering - no, there is no central list or clearing scheme for these things. You apply direct to each employer via links on their web site.

    Some employers offer work experience to school pupils as part of their "outreach" policies and individuals lucky enough to get on these may be at a bit of an advantage in competing for sponsorship.

    Regard it as a kind of cross between applying to uni and applying for a job. You will have to hunt around on the web and do lots of research! You might find this site useful:




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