Sophie Clements

How do you cope with job/applications rejections?

Posted: 06/07/16 by Sophie Clements

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I'm getting quiet a few, i.e. everything I have applied too in the past 3 months- no interviews or anything- and it's getting me really down. How to you keep your head up when no one wants to employ you?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Sophie

    The likelihood is (I can't be certain, obviously) that you are making some basic errors in your applications. Typically this can be spelling or grammatical errors which (depending on the job you're going for) can result in you going onto the "reject" pile.

    Another common reason is where the application does not properly address the applicants reasons for wanting the job and why they feel there is a good "fit" between their skills and the job in question.

    Hope that helps. Also, check these pages out:






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  • Sophie Clements

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for stating the obvious and not actually answering my question it really helped :|

    Sorry for being sarky and blunt but I'm really getting fed up and "help" like yours isn't helpful nor is it wanted.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Sophie

    My apologies. What you were looking for were tips for coping with the stress of job applications. I'm not a psychologist or counsellor but you'll find lots of advice from people who claim such expertise if you google for "emotional resilence". This is the kind of thing I'm referring to:


    Hope that helps!

    Best wishes


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