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Louisa Monroe

How is accomodation organised?

Posted: 28/12/15 by Louisa Monroe

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Hi My son has found a sponsored degree he is interested in It is miles away Will the sponsor arrange rented accommodation? This will be the first time of him being away from home at 18 I am worried about the sponsored degree route as at least if he went to uni he would be in halls of residence for the first year! Any advice would be reassuring thank you

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Louisa

    Your son (not you!) should contact the institution concerned and enquire about this. You should be able to find a telephone number or email address on the university's web site.

    Sponsored degrees come in a variety of forms which are negotiated between the universities and employers. Each one is unique.

    An alternative is to go for a sandwich degree which is a normal degree with (usually) a year in paid employment sandwiched between the years at university.

    Obviously, sponsored degrees are attractive because they include a subsidy towards course fees and so on. Because of this they are highly competitive. Depending on your family circumstances, your son might be able to get a bursary or grant direct from the university. More details on this can be found on their web sites.



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