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Sinead Murray

How should I spend my year out?

Posted: 05/09/14 by Sinead Murray

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I recently decided to take a year out after completing my A-Levels and wish to spend this year gaining valuable experience of volunteering or training. I am interested in youth work and Outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing. Can you suggest any training or volunteering opportunities in these areas? Or could you possibly give me advice on how best to spend the year should I not gain employment in these areas.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Sinead

    Its certainly not necessary to do a full time course like a degree or BTEC although these could be enjoyable and provide valuable work experience.

    If you fancy being paid for the year while getting experience you could try for an apprenticeship. Otherwise, there are volunteering opportunities both in the UK and abroad. Just enter “volunteer outdoor pursuits instructor” into your search engine and you will find them.

    If you didn’t manage to find something in the outdoor activity area all is not lost as the crucial thing is experience of looking after groups of youngsters and you can get this through other programmes like Camp America etc. The only difficulty with volunteering abroad schemes is you have to scrape together a load of cash to pay for flights etc.

    This article provides a nice summary:

    Does that answer it?


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