I Am a UK Citizen but Returned from America-- Do I Still Qualify for Funding?

Posted: 10/03/17 by

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Some advisers tell me that I wont be eligible for funding though an apprenticeship, even though I am a UK citizen, because I was out of the country so long on a dependent's visa to America. Other advisers tell me that because I live with my grandparents, (who have been here more than three years) that I should still be allowed to. I did not choose to go to America and I had no choice in the matter, it seems so unfair that I am not allowed an education or job training for the next three years for factors I could not control. By the time I am considered a real person by the government again, I may be too old to apply for apprenticeships or go to uni. I do not want to wait three years doing absolutely nothing before I can start a career in anything.

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