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Iuliana Fatu

I have failed my As levels, but i still want to do the same career

Posted: 25/08/15 by Iuliana Fatu

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So i have failed all my as levels this year, therefore my college has not allowed me to go onto A2, however i have applied to another college recently. The only problem is that they do not accept re-sits or re-takes. Instead they offered vocational courses in IT. I know where i went wrong, seeing as i had a tough year and didn't take my a levels seriously. although i really wanted to do Computing at uni, i now have no idea what i can do. I was thinking of doing apprenticeships but i don't know if there are any for software developer or such. i have passed my GCSEs last year with good grades and i want to take this failure as a positive step in my life, but i don't know what possible choices i have, seeing as it's already the end of August.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Luliana

    Yes, it is possible to get an apprenticeship in software development. What you should do is search through the current vacancies on the Find an Apprenticeship web site. Use the 'browse' facility. Some vacancies will require A levels or equivalent (level 3 vocational diploma) but others will specify GCSEs.

    Your other option is to do the level 3 diploma in IT. After that and depending on how well you do you could either apply for a degree level course at Uni or go for an apprenticeship.

    To a great extent what you should do at this point depends on how much you already know about coding. Most employers will prefer taking people who already have some basic knowledge as a hobbyist programmer. If you don't have any then the Diploma is the way to go.

    Hope that helps



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