Hassan Murtaza

I haven't decided what job I want after my gcses

Posted: 08/01/17 by Hassan Murtaza

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Right now I am 16, I have taken History and graphic design for gcse options and I got a D in GCSE PE I am playing on taking sport, biology,ict and creative media hoping to become a media designer or a sports coach but people are saying they are not solid careers EG if something was to happen I would not be able to carry on with that job.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    None of us should go through life thinking 'but what if the worst happens'. Your life will be a series of opportunities and obstacles, and how you respond will decide where you get to. The careers you mention are as valid as any others- lots of people earn a good living in those roles.
    But...... do some detailed research into your chosen interests - broaden out from just a media designer into all forms of media, marketing and design, and from sports coach to all other roles in the world of sport. The skills required in these roles may be similar. The next step after GCSE's could keep many of these options open, allowing you to focus on one aspect a few years down the line.

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