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Alison Langhorn

I need advice!

Posted: 13/08/15 by Alison Langhorn

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Hi! I have received my AS results today. They were not as good as I expected, however I will still be going back to Sixth Form to sit my A2s nonetheless! This is irrelevant anyway. I am a hard worker and always have been, I am a dedicated musician and I do not find schoolwork easy in any way, however I have always put in a huge amount of effort. Unfortunately, exams are not my strong point. I put in hours and hours of work throughout the year towards my classwork and I achieve extremely highly throughout the year but, come exam time, nuh-uh. I do BADLY! I don't know what it is, nerves, stress? I don't know. I have wanted a career in law since I was a little girl and I used to think a law degree was the only way, until a few years ago when I found out it wasn't. So, then I decided I'd like to do an American Studies degree and convert to law after this. Now, I have decided against university. Exams are not my strong point, as I have mentioned, so why put myself through them when it is not absolutely necessary? Also, I feel that a degree may be pointless for me as unless I want to teach the subject, the information I learn could actually be of very little use! I am a practical person and I like to have a goal in life - and so I like to know what I am working towards. For this reason, I need help! I would still welcome the possibility of a law career, but I would also welcome perhaps a career in banking or finance, or accountancy? My Dad is an Accountant so I do have information. I'm not really sure what I want to do if I'm honest and I just need a bit of help and a push in the right direction! I am not one to say no to anything and so I welcome all suggestions! As I mentioned before, I am very hard working and when I want to do it, and when I understand how to, I can achieve highly! I am excellent with people and I am outgoing, so I welcome anything! Basically, I am looking for a sensible route straight into a career - perhaps training through employment, or an apprenticeship? I find this website can be a bit of a maze sometimes! Well, to anyone who sees this, thank you for your help in advance! Alison x

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Alison

    There is much wisdom in what you say about degree courses. The majority of graduates do not use their knowledge in their working lives. So it is really about gaining a “ticket” to the world of graduate only employment in many cases.

    And even this logic can be a little tenuous as the huge increase in the percentage of school leavers doing degrees has debased that currency. So it is a fact that (depending on where and what they studied) many graduates enter the labour market in the same position as people in the past who got A levels but did not do a degree. Only difference is that nowadays they finish uni with a big load of student loan debt.

    You have plenty of time to mull over the options but, if I were you, I would spend some time in the coming months finding out about the option of doing an apprenticeship. There is a plentiful supply of these in the fields of law, business administration and finance - including banking, insurance and accountancy.

    To get a general feel for what’s out there you should use the official government apprenticeships web site. You can search using keywords or by browsing through categories (groups of similar occupations) and can also specify results within a certain distance of where you live.

    Not all school leavers go into apprenticeships - so there are still companies who look to recruit bright school leavers and train them up in their own way - not via the official apprenticeship system.

    You should also try to arrange some work experience to test out your interest in a particular career option. This is very useful for a number of reasons and in some cases can even lead to job offers. Your Dad might be able to fix something for you?

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