Sponsored Degrees

Tukahebwa Benard

I request, can i get a chance to be sponsored at the college or university?

Posted: 13/12/15 by Tukahebwa Benard

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I love computer science and actecturial engineering, but have failed to get tuition fees, but am willing to study, am requesting I'd there is one who can help me get sponsored for any of the courses above, and am willing to work for him or her as am studying or after studying, i beg and request the well wishers to help me. Am an orphan who has only a 63 year old mum and who is a peasant, and has failed to pay for me at that level of education, but am calling the well wishers out there whether in Uganda or in other countries, please help me, to archieve my prestigious goal. Thank you for your help. May God bless you.

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