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Brume Umukoro

I was recently rejected from Oxford. Wondering how smart it would be to take a Gap Year and reapply

Posted: 12/01/16 by Brume Umukoro

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I want to study Maths and have offers from Warwick, Bristol, Bath and Nottingham however I have no real desire to go to any of these unis. I was wondering whether reapplying to Oxford and taking a Gap Year would be silly and whether there are any Gap Year opportunities that involve a lot of Maths that would help me keep up my Mathematical ability through out the year.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Brume

    That could turn out to be a mistake. They do say that mathematical skill falls into the use it or lose it category so HE tutors would tend to advise against any gaps.

    What would you do if you reapplied to Oxford and got rejected again? There are some great institutions on that list. I would forget about Oxford and go have a great 3 years at one of them!


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