Diane Chart

I'm struggling to get an apprenticeship

Posted: 11/02/16 by Diane Chart

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Hi, I'm really struggling to get onto any apprenticeship and although I meet the basic requirements, I am having no luck. Is it because I'm 25 and employers don't want to pay for my training? Is there a different route I should be going down? I've even offered to work for free in order to bulk my CV up and no one is interested. I really don't know what to do now.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Diane

    Yes, the most likely reason is your age and the fact that you aren't eligible for the government funding so the employer (or you) would have to pay the college fees and these can be quite steep.

    Other possibilities would be poorly constructed CV or spelling/grammar errors on forms etc. I can't advise on this aspect here for obvious reasons.

    My recommendation would be that you make a direct approach to a few local apprenticeship training providers to ask for their advice and help. They may be able to find some other funding such as the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan and have contacts with employers who would value your maturity and prior experience.

    The most obvious place to start is your local FE college as they often are active in apprenticeship training. If you draw a blank with that get back in touch and I'll see if I can find contact details with suitable providers.



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  • Diane Chart

    Many thanks for your help Chris.

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