Iona Kenn

In search of a particular apprenticeship

Posted: 27/01/17 by Iona Kenn

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I'm looking to find an apprenticeship based in London, but i want to follow a career in photography, i keep hoping to find a photography apprenticeship, but had no such luck just yet. I'd also prefer an apprenticeship thats 1 day college 4 days work, rather than doing learning in the evening after work where you can easily be quite tired.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    You won't get the option of how you study - that is decided by the company and training provider. However, time for the study should be built into the working week.
    Photography apprenticeships do exist, but are rare. The way photographers work can make it difficult for them to devote time to an apprentice.
    You should consider searching for a marketing or graphic design appreniceship as well - both may allow you to use you interest in photography as well as teaching you about the use of images.

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