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Kerri Brown

Interior Design or Interior Decorating? London

Posted: 24/01/17 by Kerri Brown

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I do not want to do 3 years at Uni been there done that. I am struggling to find information about interior decorating and if it is even a possible career pathway because a majority of courses are only interior design which is not what I want to do. Is it worth finding a course for a diploma or to pay for a short certifacte course? If companies are taking interior designers for internships more than a decorator then I won't waste my time. I do not want to waste money on a short course nor do I want to drop out of Uni for the second time so need to get this choice right! Many Thnaks!

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    You will see courses for interior design delivered by private companies - they may not have a formal qualifiaction as recognised by the Dept of Education, but it is up to you to decide if it teaches you the skills you need.
    A decorator is different -and does have a formal qualification system - as an example.
    Ultimately you will be hired as a decorator because of your skill level, and make a career from it by recommendation, so part-time courses in the different aspects of decorating (preparation/painting/tiling etc) will give you the skills you need.
    As you have University level qualifications, you will not be able to access a formal apprenticeship.

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