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Posted: 09/09/15 by Daniel Cook

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I just started college and I was doing 3 a levels but it has gotten changed and now I'm doing 2 a levels and a btec just wondering if it would be worse doing that and if I should change it and do 3 a levels, and also if I wanted to apply for something after college what would be better and how would not have 3 a levels affect my changes

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Daniel

    It's difficult to advise without knowing the full picture. Presumably there was a reason for substituting the BTEC for one of the A levels. If your aim is to go on to higher education then not having 3 A levels could have an impact on the types of course you could go for. This would depend hugely on the kind of subject area you are interested in.

    It is possible to figure out the implications of that switch by doing research on the UCAS web site. Every course listing on that site provides details of entry requirements. In some cases you will find they are happy to accept a BTEC diploma (at a certain grade) alongside of 2 A levels.

    As I said, it is not possible to give you precise advice without knowing more. The really key info is your performance in GCSEs. In general terms, this tends to give a good indication of your likely grades at A level and these are the crucial factor in determining what you can do after completing A levels.

    Hope that helps a bit and do feel free to reply with more information!



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