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Shannon Greenwood

Is it possible for me to gain a job from a gap year?

Posted: 26/12/15 by Shannon Greenwood

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I'm passionate about charity work, but realise I cannot make a living doing this. I would love to take a gap year as the start of my career. I do not want to go to University, but fear for what I want to do, I will have to. I have taught English in Cambodia and will be traveling to Nepal for a month to do the same. Is there anyway I can go to a country in need and gain a job out there, where I can live etc? Thank you

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Shannon

    You could make a living working for charities abroad but would have to gain useful skills (eg medical, education etc) first and that does mean going to uni. After that you could think in terms of things like VSO.

    In the shorter term, doing a gap year as a volunteer would be very useful prior to doing a degree. Bear in mind that most of the organised gap year trips are nothing like a year in practice. However, there are organisations in third world countries which would welcome your contribution as a self-organised helper. Read this for some pointers:

    Hope that helps


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