Isabelle Ardan

Is it possible to do an apprenticeship/traineeship whilst in full time college?

Posted: 16/03/15 by Isabelle Ardan

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I only do college three times a week and I am willing to dedicate my other days to doing a apprenticeship/traineeship in the health and social care sector for the experience - I want to pursue a career in the medical field and also for the money----family financial problems; I really want to help out, but also get a head start in my career with the experience. I've been recently doing work experience at a nursing home but they don't let me do much, only serving tea and coffee and will leave me hours at a time until I am instructed to do it again. They don't even let me observe --- What kind of work experience is that??!

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Isabelle

    Providing meaningful work experience in social care settings is fraught with legal difficulties but I do understand your frustration.

    As you are interested in a medical career I would encourage you to complete your qualification if at all possible. It is not possible to do an apprenticeship alongside a full time college course. This would have to wait until you have completed the course.

    On the subject of finance - you might be able to get some support from your college as they have special funds to assist students in need. Talk to the Student Services department about this.

    The NHS has a website with information on apprenticeships. In addition to the health service there are apprenticeships in social care, particularly in elderly care.

    Hope that helps


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  • Isabelle Ardan

    Thank you very much for the reply--- very fast I didn't really expect it.

    Really great and helpful--thanks for the link of apprenticeships, but I think that I will finish my course and then look for the opportunity for an apprenticeship.

    As for the finance issue I will talk about it with student services.

    Again thanks for the advice and best regards.

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  • Chris Speedy

    My pleasure Isabelle and good luck with it.


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