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Anna Hill

Is there any way of getting an equivalent of a university degree by doing a college course or an apprenticeship?

Posted: 18/08/16 by Anna Hill

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I'm predicted 12 GCSEs A*-C (all A* and A) next year. My parents are wanting me to go to university but i am really not wanting to. I'm ideally wanting to look into science courses at colleges but not sure how far that could get me in life. I have thought about apprenticeships too but i'm unsure on what they would be like and what future career they would lead me to. I'm thinking that a college course could help me find out what future prospects science could lead me to but the qualifications won't compare to a university degree. An apprenticeship would allow me to earn money, learn practical skills and possibly do a part time college course. I'm just a little bit confused...!

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