I've attempted sixth form and college and found it wasn't something I was interested in regardless of the different subjects, I'm not sure on what to do anymore? I don't want to disappoint my family members ...help!

Posted: 02/01/17 by Parris

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Ive attempted sixth form and college and found it wasn't the best option regardless of the number of subjects. I'm now 18, stuck on what I want to do within the future. I'm finding it hard to talk to my family about my change of heart. I've always said I would love to pursuit a career in a science aspect especially forensics, but the work environment of sixth form and college was overwhelming. I previously done work experience in a funeral directors and found that very enjoyable and I loved it! So I would like a career in that aspect of possible. I left year 11 with some disappointing grades which meant I was unable to do certain things. I'm stuck! I don't want to disappoint the people around me but I want to be happy and do something I enjoy.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Parris, you will find that there are periods in your life when you take a review - it's healthy, and the good news is you are being proactive about making changes. Examine what you enjoyed about the Funeral Directors - was it the people, the sense of helping? If so, explore other jobs that would offer the same return of feelings - that is much more important than trying to relate some academic subject you are studying to a career. If it is caring for people that appeals, look for an apprenticeship that encompasses that - start with a broad mind as to what thet might be. The qualification will be a great start to working with people and you can move on from that if you wish. Starting in one apprenticeship doesn't mean you will be there for life!

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