Jessica Harris

Jobs that are anxiety-friendly?

Posted: 01/06/16 by Jessica Harris

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I suffer with really bad anxiety and depression, I find it difficult being in busy places or talking to new people. I struggle most days with my anxiety and would need somewhere with support. I apply for a lot of jobs, but I don't go to every interview due to my anxiety. I don't really know the best place to be working!! Any advice? Or any websites which I could look for jobs with support? Sorry if this is a difficult question.

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Jessica

    I assume you've spoken to a doctor about your situation. My feeling is that the priority should be getting some help with coping with your anxiety and depression.

    I recommend that (if you haven't already) you make contact with either or both of

    a) a mental health charity (see links below)
    b) a specialist adviser at Job Centre plus.

    Kind regards

    Careers Adviser

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  • Louise Sexton

    Hi Jessica,

    Sorry about the lateness of the reply but some jobs that are a lot more anxiety friendly could include things like cleaning, online work, working from home, a small quite business, freelance work such as writing or blogging.

    There are a few pros and cons to these types of jobs but they are so much easier for people with anxiety issues.

    I have personally suffered with my anxiety for years and when I was 17 I had to get a job so I went for an early morning cleaning job and it was so helpful! It was quiet, I got to clean my own area so I barely have to deal with any people, the only people I really see are my co-workers for a few minutes in the morning and as long as the people who you work with are nice it makes it all 100% easier.

    hope this helps! :)

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