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susan park

just had my AS results and they are not very good at all i want to be a drama teacher at secondary school and was planning to go to uni to staudy drama for 3 years then do a teaching degree but now im not so sure any 1 got advise for me?

Posted: 13/08/15 by susan park

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just advice if any on how to become a drama teacher without a levels and not going to uni

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Susan

    A levels and a degree or equivalent are a definite requirement for every kind of teaching along with a good grade in GCSE English and maybe Maths too. In many schools drama teachers double up as teachers of English.

    If your academic ability falls short then it may be time to have a re-think. You really need to have a talk with someone (such as a careers adviser) about the options available to you at this point. Careers staff are often on standby at results time to offer support so get in touch with your school or college straight away.



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