Danielle Willis

Just quit my journalism degree course as I now want a career with animals and wildlife

Posted: 03/06/17 by Danielle Willis

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Hi, I have chosen to quit my journalism course at university as it is no longer the career path I wish to pursue. I instead would like a career with animals and wildlife. But I am not sure whether I would like to do animal management and conservation or vet nursing in the army. However, I do not have any science related qualifications other than GCSE core and additional so I am not sure what steps I should take so that I can be accepted on a university course, or potentially get an apprenticeship in the field. Please could you offer me some advice as I'm a little stuck with what to do? Many Thanks, Danielle

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    If you want to go back to Uni again, then each course will have different requirements - check each website for any uni of interest. Conservation courses tend to be less demanding on science A levels/Level 3 Btecs than animal management, who may ask for Biology. The Army have their own requirements - google 'Army careers'.
    Apprenticeships in this sector are fairly rare, but do exisit -keep looking and google 'getingofar'- try your local Council for opportunities. Work attitude is as important as academic background for an apprenticeship.

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