Scott Corden

Leaving college and need to find paid work.

Posted: 20/05/14 by Scott Corden

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Studied for 2 years and I am unable to go to uni. I hoped my level 3 diploma would help me have a career in art and design but from what feed back I am going from employers is that without a degree, they are not interested. What should I do now ?

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  • NGtU Career Advisor

    Hi Scott

    You might be able to get on an apprenticeship where your design training would be an advantage.

    The main place to look for apprenticeships is the government's web site at Once registered as a user you will be able to search for vacancies in your area.

    You can also check our vacancies by doing a search:



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  • Hi Scott

    Dont be afraid to take any job that starts you off in the right direction - for example temping, working on reception, delivering the post (or even making the tea!) for a small local advertising agency - whatever you can get! Once you're in the door you will be able to show how hard you work, develop relationships with other staff and meet people who can help you find your next job. It often takes a few years to get to where you want to go, but the journey can be a lot of fun. You can learn something from every job, so if you cant find an ad agency that is hiring then start working somewhere broadly relevant like a shop that has a design angle. If you are working for Paperchase and go for an interview at an ad agency in a years time then you'll be able to talk about the design aspects of setting up the displays, which stock you like/dislike, trends in product design etc (not to mention customer service, managing money, working in teams etc). Its all useful stuff.

    Hope that helps!

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