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Jamie Shelley

Looking for advice on Uni alternatives (Games programming - c++/c#/asm)

Posted: 23/02/16 by Jamie Shelley

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I am currently a uni student ,first year studying software games degree. I was offered a masters but turned down due to uncertainty, Previous studied diploma in Electrical and electronic engineering - gaining D*D*D (A*A*A equivalent). My issue is that I'm effectively wasting my time and money, I developed my coding skilled during the BTEC and was quickly recruited by a startup company (Working for free programming procedural systems etc with company shares/board member). Ignoring course specific, the pace of my extracurricular compared to uni is honestly horrific and my motivation is all but dwindling (especially considering I have done some second and third year work with depressing ease). I have applied to a programming job , to which I was accepted based on my work etc, and then quickly declined due to lack of degree. So I'm looking for alternates that would allow for an alternative accreditation without the slowly going insane from lack of a challenge. I'm very much willing to work from the bottom up, as long as it enables a career and provides a wage.(Not being in 50k plus debt also helps)

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